Product concept
Bundles is a brand of artists charcoal. The challenge was to create a brand around a simple and cheap product that customers would repeat purchase. Another challenge was to encourage engagement with the brand and incentivise customers to use the charcoal and share their art as part of an online community.
A creative expressive tool: a way to get designers away from their computers and loosen up.
The visual language was coherent with the brands tone of voice and mission statment - love mistakes. A typeface and range of graphic devices were developed in this sentiment.
The philosophy of this brand is to encourage creativity by getting your hands dirty. While an online presence is important to the brand, it is also nice to explore the analog, old school ways of interacting with customers. Everybody likes getting letters and stuff in the mail! This project explored how the letter medium can facilitate pleasant surprises and interesting hands-on experiences.
Mailers would be sent to the bundles community with new batches of product. They would have a variety of cards with drawing inspiration topics and competitions to promote engagement with the brand on social media.